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This page contains free of charge downloads suitable for RISC OS 3.50 If you are using a different version of RISC OS then please return to the main FTP index page and select the correct version of RISC OS. If you install items designed for a different version of RISC OS then you may encounter problems and have to rebuild your !Boot sequence.

Software Licence & Disclaimer

The software downloads available here are free of charge and with no guarantee. Please read this disclaimer before downloading any files. 3QD Developments Ltd grants to each person ("User") who downloads software from this server a personal non-transferable non-exclusive limited license to the User to use the software solely for their own purpose on an Acorn computer or emulator running the appropriate version of RISC OS. To read the full licence please click here.

It is a condition of downloading software from this server that you comply with the Software licence conditions. By the act of downloading any item of software you are deemed to have read and accepted both the licence conditions and disclaimer.

FREE of charge downloads for RISC OS 3.50


Self Extracting SparkFS
All of the downloads from this site are compressed inside archives. You will need a way of decompressing these archives under RISC OS. If you don't already have a suitable de-archiving tool for RISC OS then we recommend using the read only version of SparkFS. Please click here for installation instructions.


Universal !Boot Sequence
The Universal !Boot sequence is suitable for RISC OS 3.10 to RISC OS 3.70 either installed on an Acorn computer or an emulator. It contains all the files needed to boot RISC OS into the desktop. This includes !System, !Scrap, !Fonts etc. It also contains the RISC OS 3.7 style configure system and more besides. Please click here for installation instructions.

Printers 1.53

Printers 1.53
Printers 1.53 is suitable for RISC OS 3.10 to RISC OS 3.70. It can also be used on later versions of RISC OS if needed.

Printers 1.53 Fix

Printers 1.53 Fix
This update kit for !Printers 1.53 tackles two problems that have affected some users.
Firstly established applications, that printed reliably with !Printers 1.28, sometimes encounter errors and fail to complete a print.
Secondly Newer Hewlett Packard printers cannot be used because output to them from the Acorn parallel port is extremely slow.

The downloads below provide a copy of the original RISC OS 3.5 disc build. They are only suitable for an original RiscPC 600 running RISC OS 3.5.


Part 1
This contains the first part of the RISC OS !Boot sequence and disc build.
Click here for installation instructions.


Part 2
This contains the second part of the RISC OS !Boot sequence and disc build. The instructions for installation are contained in the 'unarchive.zip" download.


This contains the tools needed to assemble 'Part1' and 'Part2' of the RISC OS 3.5 Disc build. Also included are the installation instructions in plain text format.


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