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RISC OS Universal !Boot Sequence

Installation and Use of the Universal Disc Structure (!Boot only)

Please read and understand the LICENCE document in this directory before proceeding.

This disc image is intended for use on a locally-booting system running RISC OS 3.10 or later It is not suitable for:

  • Booting discless RISC OS clients or NCs over a network connection.
  • Use with Acorn computers running Arthur, RISC OS 2.xx or RISC OS 3.00.
  • Use with emulators running Arthur, RISC OS 2.xx or RISC OS 3.00


You will need approximately 6Mb of free space on your hard drive to perform the extraction and installation process as detailed below.

This disc image is derived from the image installed on the J233 Risc PCs at manufacture time; various materials have been removed from the J233 image to create this build which only contains the contents of the !Boot directory.

To install the RISC OS 3 Universal Boot Sequence onto your harddisc you need to extract the !Boot directory from the "" archive using !SparkFS (if you have it), or the self extracting version of SparkFS which can be downloaded from here.

If you already have a !Boot application on your machine then it should be renamed as "oldboot" (note that the name must not start with a !) before extracting the new !Boot sequence. DO NOT just copy the new !Boot over the top of your existing !Boot, if you do things can easily go very wrong.

Now Reboot the computer.

You should now find yourself running the new !Boot; your machine will start up as though it is an out-of-the-box J233.

Reconfigure your system using the !Configure application built into !Boot; double-click on !Boot to run it. Further configuration documentation can be found in the Manuals directory.

You will subsequently need to move the applications you use at startup time into the new !Boot.Choices.Boot.PreDesk / !Boot.Choices.Boot.Tasks directories, and / or edit your !Boot.Choices.Boot.Tasks.!Boot file accordingly.

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