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RISC OS 3.5 Original Boot Sequence: Instructions for Installation

This document only covers the RISC OS !Boot sequence originally supplied with the Acorn RiscPC 600 running RISC OS 3.50. It is not applicable to the Universal !Boot Sequence.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this leaflet is true and correct at the time of printing. However, the products described in this leaflet are subject to continuous development and improvements and Acorn Computers Limited reserves the right to change its specifications at any time. Acorn Computers Limited cannot accept liability for any loss or damage arising from the use of any information or particulars in this leaflet. ACORN, ECONET and ARCHIMEDES are trademarks of Acorn Computers Limited.

The enclosed disc contains an archived copy of the RISC OS 3.5 !Boot hierarchy, which can be uncompressed and installed on the boot hard disc (usually ADFS::4) should the original be accidentally erased.

To decompress the archive and restore the boot sequence and applications, follow the procedure below:

  • Create a new directory on the boot hard disc, called (say) Rebuild.
  • Copy the entire contents of the floppy disc into the Rebuild directory.
  • Doubleclick on the copies of !Scrap and !System which are stored inside the Rebuild directory.
  • Doubleclick on the copy of !SparkPlug stored inside the Rebuild directory.
  • Drag the "Part1" icon to the !SparkPlug icon on the icon bar; drag the contents of the "Part1/" directory window to the root directory on the boot hard disc.
  • Repeat the above step with the "Part2" icon.
  • Ensure that the boot hard disc is in fact bootable, by issuing *OPT 4,2 at the command line.
  • Reboot the machine.

The "disc1" directory contains two archives; "" needs to be decompressed and its contents copied to the floppy, rather than just copying the archive. It contains all the necessary support bits for decompressing the other archives on a machine which has no boot sequence or other hard disc resources available.

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