Acorn Products

Acorn released a number of products over the years, details of many of these was held as text files on the original Acorn FTP server. Each of the links below will take you to the relevent article. For ease of reading we have converted these files into HTML.


Acorn A4 (battery life)
Acorn A7000 - 2Mb Discless
Acorn PocketBook
Acorn RiscPC
Acorn Pheobe (RiscPC 2)
Acorn ConCord network computer


Acorn AKF 60
Acorn AKF 85


Acorn C++
Integrated learning systems


Acorn and the Internet - Product statement
Acorn Access
Acorn Access+
AUN (Acorn Universal Networking)
Intertalk (E-mail and Usenet)
CD Share

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