04/04/95 Access+ March 1995

Easy-to-use networking from Acorn

  • Simple, easy-to-use network management
  • Hard disc, and printer sharing
  • CD-ROM sharing on a peer-to- peer and site-wide basis
  • Information sharing with selected individuals or groups
  • Plug and play - no complicated configuration
  • Full co-existence with all Acorn solutions
  • Standard Ethernet technology.

Easy-to-use networking

Acorn Access established a precedent for user-friendly networks. Access+ builds from this base, keeping networking simple, yet efficient, for busy environments where users wish to maximise the use of computer resources, but where there are restrictions on who should see or use certain pieces of information.

Disc sharing

Using simple RISC OS menus, users can share their hard discs, either all or just a chosen part, with other users on the network. Alternatively, machines can be made inaccessible to others. Using password protection, Access+ allows the user to choose who can or cannot see or use the information. .

CD-ROM sharing

CD-ROMs are becoming an increasingly important network resource. As a result of this, Access+ will enable the user to share CD-ROMs on a peer-to-peer basis, with the ability to extend availability to a site-wide basis. This encorporates the same easy management principles as the whole Access networking range and enables the efficient sharing of multimedia-based information.

Printer sharing

Access+ makes the most of printers attached to individual machines by making them accessible to anyone on the network. A printer is made available for others on the net by using the share option in a similar way to that in which hard discs are shared. .

Controlled sharing

Acorn Access allows you to share your information in a simple manner where all machines can gain access to resources. Access+ enables you to specify individual users or groups of users who may share resources as well as using the 'total sharing' options. This makes information on your network secure.

Simple to install

Access's plug and play philosophy continues to mean that networking can be accomplished without complicated configurations: no file server is required;

all you need is an Access+ pack for each machine, together with suitable cable, to jump into the world of computer communications. .


Networking is extremely cost-effective when you consider how many machines can share your network resources. With Access+ sharing a few hard discs, printers and CD-ROMs among several machines rather than one for every computer, the money saved could be spent on additional hardware or software. .

Ethernet technology

Access+ uses industry-standard Ethernet technology, which makes for a fast and efficient network. .

Platform- Each machine requires RISC OS 3.1 or later and 2MB of main memory to run Access+.

Ordering information

When ordering Access+ from Acorn, the following product codes should be given:

Combination cards (10BaseT and 10Base2 connections):

  • Risc PC AEH 78
  • A5000 AEH 75
  • A3000 AEH 77

Non - Combination Cards

  • A3020/A4000 (10Base2) AEH 79

Upgrades for owners of existing Ethernet cards will be made available through the normal Acorn channels. Contact your supplier for further details.

Pack contents

Each Acorn Access+ pack comes complete with:

  • Ethernet card with built in networking software
  • 3.5" floppy disc with Access+, AccessCD and printer software
  • User guide.

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