07/02/95 Acorn InterTalk January 1995.

E-mail and USENET access from Acorn

  • Access to electronic mail internally and via the Internet
  • Accessible by any machine on your Acorn Ethernet network
  • Easy to install, use and configure
  • Easy administration
  • Creation of internal bulletin boards and access to external newsgroups
  • Range of supported Internet access hardware
  • Use of any established Internet provider
  • Cost-effective ownership
  • Connectivity with PCs and Macs.

Local Area Access

InterTalk allows RISC OS users to send internal electronic mail messages between users within a local area network encompassing an entire school or campus. Users can obtain and send messages to specific users or groups of users using InterTalk. .

Wide Area Access

Using InterTalk, RISC OS users can gain access to the 'information superhighway' the Internet. This enables users to send messages not only within their local environment, but to other institutions, countries or continents. Once users have achieved Internet access, the world of communications is at their fingertips.

Easily administered

InterTalk has ben designed with ease of use in installation, set-up and administration firmly in mind. This allows users to take advantage of the range of Acorn supported modems and to choose the Internet provider that best suits their requirements. .

The Internet

Internet is like a huge database of high-quality information, all of which is available for use by RISC OS users. Finding your way around this database can be a time-consuming business, so Acorn has made the process of gaining access and maintaining manageability as simple as possible to enable users to make the most from the opportunities available to them. Unlike other solutions, InterTalk also has the added advantage of only requiring the administrator to set one Internet address. This keeps the set-up time of InterTalk to a minimum.


In addition to access for mail services, InterTalk also gives you access to bulletin boards. The server software gives you the ability to create internal bulletin boards to discuss issues relevant to your local site. InterTalk also gives you the ability to access USENET Newsgroups, giving you or your institution the ability to discuss issues relevant to millions or just a few interested parties throughout the world.

The range of external contacts

InterTalk gives the administrator the ability to allow or disallow access to sites, groups or individuals over the Internet and internally, thus limiting access to those deemed to be suitable for specific subjects and preventing access to 'unwanted data' for users.


InterTalk can be configured to take account of cheap and peak rate call times enabling the site to specify when it wishes to receive or send information. In this way, the cost of owning and maintaining links via the Internet can be kept to a minimum.

Protected information

Whilst a users' mail or newsgroup access can be achieved from any machine on your Acorn network, information specific to users is protected by means of a password key that is required every time the client uses InterTalk. This enables you to send and receive information, confident that it is not visible to 'unauthorised' eyes. .

RISC OS attachments

InterTalk also enables the user to include RISC OS files as attachments to e-mail messages. The message 'receiver' is then made aware of which application created the attachment, to enable them to continue to use and edit it if required. This technology enables the user to gain access to the vast quantities of information on the Internet and receive it in a format that is easy to use within other RISC OS applications. The process vastly increases the amount of information that is accessible to the user of an Acorn platform.


InterTalk has been designed to use established standards for e-mail to enable the maximum degree of connectivity with solutions for the PC, Macintosh and UNIX.

Ethernet technology

InterTalk uses industry-standard Ethernet technology, which makes for fast and efficient networks.


This product is available in both site-wide and single-user formats.


Each machine requires RISC OS 3.1 or later and 2MB of main memory to run InterTalk. This includes the InterTalk server.

Ordering information

When ordering InterTalk from Acorn, the following product code should be given:

  • Order InterTalk Single User AES 70
  • Order InterTalk Site Licence AES 71

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