20/04/95 Access CDShare April 1995.


  • CD-ROM sharing on a site-wide basis
  • Used in conjunction with Acorn Access+ or Level 4 release 3
  • Happily co-exists with all other Acorn networking solutions
  • Maintains listing of shared items
  • Provides primary and secondary cacheing for efficient use.

The Access principles

The Acorn Access range of products has been produced with qualities such as ease of use, efficiency and multimedia capability firmly in mind. This range has been developed to establish a networking structure in the environment in which the products are used to encourage the maximum use of resources available. With these principles in mind, Acorn Access was released first and now Access+ is available. .

Access CDShare provides a useful addition to both these products where a site requires very powerful multimedia sharing performance on a site-wide basis.

Multimedia sharing

Multimedia is becoming increasingly important as a key part of IT. The ability to use this information as a central resource using Access CDShare and as part of a work group using Access+ will greatly increase its general application. Access CDShare incorporates the same easy management principles as the rest of the Acorn Access networking range and, as such, enables the efficient sharing of multimedia-based information.

Why use Access CDShare?

Access+ enables the sharing of multimedia (CD-ROM) based information in an efficient way on a peer-to-peer basis. Access CDShare provides additional functionality to allow the sharing of CDs including multimedia- based information on a site-wide basis. .


Using Access CDShare is cost- effective when you consider how many machines can gain access to CD-ROM on the network. This enables the user to make greater use of the resources that are present on the network, freeing money to buy additional hardware or software.

Ethernet technology

Access CDShare uses industry standard Ethernet technology, which makes for a fast and efficient network.


Each machine requires RISC OS 3.1 or later and 2MB of main memory to run Access CDShare. Upgrades for owners of existing Ethernet cards will be made available through the normal Acorn channels. Contact your supplier for further details.

Simple to install

All you need to do to install Access CDShare is to copy the application supplied on floppy disc to an area of your server machine's hard disc.

Ordering information

When ordering Access CDShare from Acorn, the following product code should be given: .

  • Order Access CDShare AES 60

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