Acorn Field Change Orders

Related Product       FCO No.  Date of Issue         Reason For Issue

A300 Series,           E009    1st February 1988     RGB sync levels to low
A300 Series, A440      E011    1st October 1987      Reduce video noise
A440                   2000    15th March 1988       Winchester circuitry improvements
A300 Series, A440      2002    19th September 1988   Spurious Parallel 'Line Feed' problem
A300 Series, A440      2003    27th September 1988   Serial Port problems
A410/1                 2007    1st July 1989         2nd floppy drive problem
A310, A440             2008    6th September 1989    FPA and SCSI MEMC1a requirement
Econet Level III       2009    29th January 1990     *DATE does not work after 01/01/90
R140                   2010    31st May 1990         Screen flicker with High-Res mono.
Acorn I/O Podule       2011    23rd February 1990    Hard Disc crash problems
FileStore E01, E01s    2014    1st June 1990         Crash during Logoff problems and add 
                                                     Broadcast Loader compatibility
BBC Master 128         2015    28th March 1990       System ROM Upgrade socket missing
A420/1, AKD52          2016    18th May 1990         Low read/write reliability on systems 
                                                     subject to an electrically noisy 
FileStore E01s         2017    1st October 1990      Intermittent data transfer errors
A440,A420/1,AKD52      2019    17th August 1990      New 20MByte Hard Disc format details.
FileStore E01          2020    28th August 1990      Bi-phase network clock is 180 degrees
                                                     out of phase with clocks generated by
                                                     Econet Clock boxes or E01s FileStores
A300/A400 Series, R140 2022    1st October 1991      Problems driving VGA Monitors
A3000                  2023    2nd July 1991         Addition of rigid PSU cover
BBC Master 128         2024    1st June 1991         Introduction of membrane keyboard
Issue 1 SCSI (AKA30)   2025    15th April 1992       Mod for CDFS ROM Upgrade
Econet Clock Box       2026    16th April 1992       Intermittent loss of communication or 
                                                     slow data transfer
A3010, A3020, A4000    2028    23rd November 1992    Intermittent 'power up' failure when an 
                                                     expansion card is fitted
A3020                  2029    23rd November 1992    Keyboard country code set incorrectly
A3020, A4000           2030    23rd November 1992    Genlock expansions do not work correctly
A540,R260,R225         2031    5th February 1993     MEMC synchronisation does not always
                                                     work correctly
A30x0,A4000,A5000,A4   2032    9th March 1993        Covers possible problems with the ID
                                                     chip fitted to these machines.
A5000                  2033    13th March 1993       Covers possible problems with the ID
                                                     chip fitted to these machines.
AEH54, Ether 3 Cards   2035    2nd September 1993    Noise problems
AGB22, AGB23           2036    12th July 1994        DRAM capacitance
Risc PC 600            2038    12th July 1994        LK14 may be missing

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