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Acorn C/C++


Changes to the C compiler

Acorn C/C++ is the fifth release of an Acorn C compiler product for RISC OS, and replaces the Acorn Desktop C product. The product has seen the following significant changes since the last release:

  • The product has been merged with the Assembler.
  • A C++ translator has been added to the product. This is a port of Release 3.0 of AT&T's CFront product.
  • A C++ tool has been added to the product to provide an interface for C++ compilation that is similar to that provided by the CC tool for C compilation.
  • The compiler now produces smaller programs that use less memory and run faster. This performance improvement is the result of many small improvements to the compiler, such as:
    • in-lining some commonly used small library functions
    • introducing conditionalised conditions
    • using variable lifetime analysis to improve the allocation of variables to registers.
  • The Toolbox has been added to the product, to facilitate the design and coding of consistent user interfaces for RISC OS desktop applications. See the accompanying User Interface Toolbox guide.
  • RISC_OSLib has been removed from the product, as the Toolbox now provides far superior facilities for writing RISC applications.

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