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Thanks for visiting RISCOS.com, whatever your interest in RISC OS we hope we can help. As th4 site is still under development this front page will list the changes that are being made newest first. Once all sections of the site are completed this front page will change.

26/06/2015 - ARM Assembly Language Programming

Following on from our announcements over the last few days we are pleased to announce that Alligata Media's 'ARM Assembly Language Programming' has been added to the developer bookshelf. This brings our count of free to read RISC OS reference books to nearly 40.

In other news we have also replaced the 'listings' text files that accompany Martyn Fox's 'Beginner's Guide to WIMP Programming' as some of the files were tokenised and couldn't be viewed on non RISC OS systems. The replacement listings should be viewable in any text editor on any system.

25/06/2015 - Three further books added to the FREE riscos.com support library

We are pleased to announce that a further three book titles have been added to the RISCOS.com support library. The new titles are First steps in programming RISC OS computers, A Beginner's guide to WIMP programming and the Archimedes Game Writer manual.

The new titles can be found from the main support index.http://www.riscos.com/support/users/index.htm. 'First Steps in programming RISC OS computers' joins the 'First Steps with RISC OS 4' in the user support section.

The other two titles are available from both the user and developer sections of riscos.com support as they have information that's appropriate to both RISC OS users and those considering developing software for RISC OS

24/6/2015 - RISC OS 4.39 Documentation and three new books now available FREE of charge

As part of our on going project to resolve problems with RISC OS documentation we have just made available the first part of our planned RISC OS 4.39 user guide. The RISC OS 4.39 Configuration Guide can be found in the user support section of the website.

We are also pleased to announce that a number of extra titles have been added to the free user and developers support sections of riscos.com. Available from today in the developer support section is BBC BASIC V. Also new in the user support section are Budget DTP on RISC OS and Graphics on the ARM. We hope to be making further titles available shortly.

Finally, as part of the site re-design we will be referring to the different versions of RISC OS by number rather than using the 'Adjust' and 'Select' names. RISC OS users have told us that they find the use of the 'Adjust' and 'Select' names very confusing. We have to agree, especially as the 'Select' name can be applied to multiple versions of RISC OS from RISC OS 4.20 to RISC OS 6.20. If you do find a document, apart from those in the archives, which uses the 'Select' or 'Adjust' names can you please let us know so we can correct it.

19/6/2015 - new website and new content finally coming on stream

The huge amount of worked needed to preserve APDL after the sudden death of Dave Holden has caused a major delay in our plans for RISCOS.com. So, although it's late, we have finally uploaded the next phase of the re-designed website and we have added new content and space for further materials.

Over the next few weeks the new shop system will be going live and we will be announcing our plans for our new RISCOS.com hardware range. In the meantime some new sections of the site have pages with 'Under Construction' logos. With a bit of luck and a trailing wind these logos will be vanishing very shortly.


19/5/2015 - New content coming soon

There are going to be a number of changes over the next few weeks. As well as new content a number of sections of the site are due to be expanded. Once all of these updates have been completed we will issue a press release describing all the changes.


28/7/2014 - Website maintainence

Over the next few weeks we will be making some big changes to www.riscos.com. As a result some pages might be moved or replaced, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.


2/9/2013 - Phone lines closed from 2/9/13 to 9/9/13

Please note that our phone lines will be closed from the 2nd of September until 10:00am on the 9th of September.


28/8/2013 - New RISCOS.com website goes public

3QD Developments Ltd are pleased to announce that the new RISCOS.com website is now publicly available. The new site is not yet 100% complete, but the vast majority of the work has been completed. The new website has been re-designed from the ground up, a process that's taken a lot longer than we had hoped, but the job wasn't trivial.

There have been various versions of riscos.com over the last 15 years, in total there are over 18,000 files occupying 9.04GB. That's a lot of content. We needed to go through every single one by hand to ensure that we didn't lose anything valuable in the re-design.

As part of the re-design process we wanted to ensure that the new site would display correctly on RISC OS browsers. as well as on other platforms. We would like to thank all those who helped with the testing of the site across so many platforms.

After 5 months, and many hundreds of hours, the site is complete enough that it can now be made publicly available.

The following sections of riscos.com are almost complete:

  • FTP area
  • User support
  • Developer support
  • Acorn Computers Ltd archives
  • RISCOS Ltd archives
  • News, FAQ, Contact details etc

The following sections are nearly complete:

  • RISC OS version pages (3.1, 3.5, 3.6, 4.02, 4.39)

The following are still in the process of development/testing (and are not publicly available):

  • Shopping system

This front page will be updated as the site is completed. We hope you are happy with new riscos.com.

Aaron - 3QD Developments (28/8/13)






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